Philosophy is the main aspect that determines the behaviour of human. It works like the software program installed in computer. There are other facters also which determines the human behaviour but main root
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of thinking is directly linked with philosophical education. But the new generation are not aware with such kind of philosophical education. They are only thinking about entertainment and other things. Their aim to life is to research new form of entertainment and happiness but they do not
know that the one and only factor to enrich life with happiness and satisfaction is only philosophical education. A persom who is well introduced with philosophy and following one of them never be frustrated in any situation but the person unknown to philosophical education will be more and more frustrated. That will bring more and more social problem like drug-addiction, sucide etc. The example can be seen worldwide now. Youth who must be busy in research and discovary but they are busy in research of new mode of entartainmend due to lack of fix goal of life. And goal is attained with correct philosophy.
So the government must take new form of education policy in which philosophical education is provided to youth.