"If we train then a lion can jump from floor to sofa but the lion is called well trained not well educated" when Rancho (aamir khan) says this dialogue the
people watching 3-idiots clapped and shouted loudly but they don't realize that they are also well trained lion.

"What is the purpose of your education?" if you ask to most of the student in colleges of Nepal then you will get almost same answer that is job and money. They are not taking their study seriously. I'm giving three examples which symbolizes our current education system.
1) i've a friend who never belives in conceptual study. He only talks about how to get higher percentage. I advire him to be conceptually clear about his study then you will get higher marks but he never likes my suggestion. He is student of physics but i see no diffrence either study physics or other course because he is only reading physics so that he will get us visa easily
2) just i've meet one idiot in a cyber who come their to make a bio-data. He tells me that if he submit attractive bio-data then there is more possibility to selected. ( i'm thinking i'll design my bio-data with good artist so that i would get 100% chance to be selected). He doesn't believe in himself so that he believes in bio-data. What kind of education we are getting in our college?
3) one of my friends often tells me that the purpose of the study is intended to money not otherwise. Money is important thing in capitalistic society but it is not major thing but our social concept is based on the statement "money is everything".
These are only three example how we think about education in Nepal. We do not go to school or college to get good education. We go there only to get degree so that we will get a good job and earn a lot of money. Then why you are spending so much money in education? Please start some other business or other things from where you can also earn money.
Money is not everything. It is only a medium. If you are excellent in your subject then money comes in your pocket autometically but if you run after money then neither you get money nor excellence. But most of the student are running for money. Then what is the purpose of going university?
Education is not only for degree it is for self developement. You must implement the things you learn in school and college in your personal life. Please think about your life and your education for just a one minute and then decide. How are you utilizing your life and education