In developing country like in Nepal there is very few opportunity to perform the scientific experiments. Students mostly depend on theoretical knowledge. But there are some online applications that will help students to understand the deep meaning of physics easily. In this post I am going to provide some online application and one useful software that will help to understand basic astronomy easily. 
To understand the basic concept of astronomy The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project have launched an online applet. Where we can see the rotation of earth and moon around the sun but it from the reference from the earth. Another tool is to study seasons. We can easily see how the revolution of earth around sun cause change in season. Similarly there are others applications also. Where you can observe many astronomical events easily. 
To use these tools just go to this link

In the right sidebar you will see some contents. Choose one which you want to see and click on that. Than new will be opened. On that window click on the image than the application will be started. On that application find the "start animation" tab and click on it. Now you can enjoy the online animated view of your desired field of astronomy.
And if you are too much interested about planets and stars but can't identify them then there is a software that may help you. This software's name is Stellarium and you can use it in Windows and in Linux too. But in Linux you have to download it from the software list but in windows you have to download it. So here is the link for download Stellarium
Download and install it. You can choose own place from the setting and enjoy the view. If you get some trouble in using it you can leave comment or directly contact me.