Few years ago, I had written an article, in which , I tried to explain, why a society based on equality cannot be formed by using force as communists believe. In that article, I tried to explain, why equilibrium can not be obtained by using force.
When I recall those days, I remember how I used to dream about communist society  and how we used to spend hours to study and discuss about Marxism. But , I was also searchig for something that is beyond  the reach of Marxism. At that time, many books were available on the market, which described, how communist regime in history collapsed, and why  an ideal society is not possible. But I was searching for something with deep insight. I used to believe that, communist regime fell, because of their own weaknesses. But, I failed to notice that, the weakness is not on those governments or Marxist philosophy, but exist in the gene of Homo Sapiens.
There is no doubt that, Marx was a great thinker, and somehow, he was ahead of his time. He successfully analyzed all possible knowledge and wisdom acquired by human beings . And he purposed a beautiful theory of communism. But, the world has seen, exponential development on various fields and there is rapid growth of knowledge and wisdom acquired by human beings.
What if Marx was born in 21st century? What if he knew the theory of evolution in terms of  gene? What if, he knew that our evolution was possible more because of selfish nature of gene than altruistic nature. What if he knew. Nature favors the fittest and powerful one. What if he knew, nature favors competition, and winner takes everything and reign on the natural resources.
There are some major questions, which were alien for Marx at that time. But, now, we know that evolution is all about competition. When, Marx thought about idealistic society, he was greatly influenced by the seemingly equality among different animal species. What Marx could have thought was that, the class division exist only in human being and it can be eliminated by struggle. The only inequality observed by Marx was the uneven distribution of property among different population. But,  he failed to notice that, inequality exists in animal kingdom also. Although animal do not posses private property and from the vantage point of Homo sapiens, they appear to be equal, but in animal world also, there is uneven distribution of resources such as food and sex. In some species, it has been found that one single male fertilize, more than eighty percent of females, whereas many male die without producing single offspring. It means, even in animal kingdom,  strong animal  capture more resources than weaker one. Communism does not exist even in animal kingdom.
It can be claimed that, human being is more intelligent and can think and analyze. Also, it can be claimed that, by such abilities, we can cooperate and create a harmonious society. But, our brain is restricted to think by gene. Gene sometimes allows us to think altruistically.But this altruism can not violate the basic principle of gene and that is selfish in nature.  And our gene want competition, not equality. And the question is, If Marx knew this single scientific fact, which type of communism would he purpose.