Blogging is really a interesting idea in virtual world. It is totally different from other web ideas. You can express your ideas very easily in blog then any other networking ideas. In social networking site you can share limited ideas but in blogging there is no any boundry to express your ideas.

I started using blog from last of 2005 but it was not truely blogging because it was just my plan to make own introductory site rather then bloggin. So i post two or three introductory post and leave it. Then after some time i agarn started blogging and that was influenced by the avalanche of blogs which were running against monarch. At that time i post some article against monarch and i again leaved. Then after long time i realized that i should again blogging but i had no any idea. So i use too many option and i use many type of blogs. But finally i realized that blog is a collection of own idea and i again activate my old blog. I move all older post in draft and started from zero. As i have only access internet in mobile so i started posting from mobile. So the journey only depends in mobile. I used computer only for blog design. So my blog is mobile blog. I've already posted 99 posts and this is 100th post so this is really a new experience of mobile blogging.
I would never been here if my friends have not support me. In this journey i meet a lot of friends who give comments and suggestion. I realized that but i think i at least complete centuary post from mobile in this trend so i wait until this post. The time has come. My friends who have given me a valuable suggestion i heartly thanked them and assure you that my blogging style is going to changed using your suggestion. I also want to thank to all visitors.
As a Nepali blogger the difficult time is coming to us. Blogger should take great responsibility in this period. I promise to be a responsible blogger.
Waiting for your suggestion