Some months ago i was totally surprised to hear a news that a Nepali scientis developed a new theory called universal theory of relativity that will refute einstein's relativity. Nepali media give large priority to the news. Rijan Karkee the claimer of the theory was considered to be hero of Nepal but after some time neither anyone hear the name nor media cover the news. What was happened to his theory? After study of his hypothesis I found he have no significant knowledge about math and physics. But the media cover the news without analyze his theory. After some time a teacher claims that he find flaw in Archimedes principle and media cover the news but after some time everyone forget him.
Such a news appear with great priority when someone build solar car or a solar panel. Everybody praise them but nobody analyze their act. Why this happens?
If we analyze their claim them we can found some similarity in their act. If we analyze the claim of developing new technology them there is one very hidden truth. Such a practice was already done by foreign students and Nepali students exactly copy the method and school and college encourage them so that it will be free advertisement to them. All are not like this. Like some build radio in remote village them it will be his own study of radio technology and it is difficult work for collecting material. But he a student of school or plus two claim that he developed new technology them there will be a question mark. This mean in 90% case they do a copy paste project.
Another type of claim is a very ridiculous. They claim that they developed a new theory which will refute a well established theory. But they are unknown to even correspondance theory. Neiter they have proper knowledge of the theory nor they can show correspondance to existing theory. Them theory obviously failed. One of example that a student is claiming that he find a equation of particle moving with greater velocity them light. He starts from einstein's relativity but there is no any correspondance between relativity and his theory.
Another example I was in science exhibition and +2 students were showing a experiment related with LDR. I ask them about the diode working but they can not explain at. They didn't know I an bachelor student and behave of like an +2 student but when i told them that i an a bachelor student then they call their teacher. But interesting thing was that teacher even don't know the proper explanation and said that they copy from website and he'll explain after proper study. But normal people take such experiment as a great intention. That will be a free advertise for college.
The main reason behind it is a wrong intension to be popular and lack of reporter from science background in media. Media person lacking the science knowledge easily believe the propoganda and publish it as a great news. This exists in market for some time an a great deed and finally disappeared.
The ago of this article is not disparage the researcher but only tell about propagandist who themself think as a great scientis and have very low knowledge of science. Everybody should be aware of them.