I usually post in my blog about my idea about politics,sciencs, my own activities and other interesting facts. But some of my friend suggest me to concentrate in science posts as i am a science student. I thanks to all those my friends who suggests me to improve my blog. But i am confused that a blog really must contain own field? Then what is the difference between blog and website? I think blog is open place to share ideas from every angle. It is a way to share own ideas. Though I'm student of science i know i must share more ideas about science then other field. But if i want to share my ideas about other field then where do i write? It is obviously in my blog. I just want to clear my idea about blog and website. But from today I'm going to change my pattern of blogging and i will give more priority to science related post but it doesn't mean than it is going to be a science blog. It will contain all my ideas as usual.