Chukauni is a typical Nepali pickle generally prepared in the western region mainly in Palpa, Gulmi and Arghakhanchi district. 

Material needed
• 100 grams of curd ( flavors good if little bit sour)
• Onion 1 pc, cut it well in to small pieces.
• Potato 2 pieces.
• Green chili 2 pieces (cut each into two pieces)
• Methi (Fenugreek Seeds)
• Turmeric
• Four teaspoonfuls mustard oil
• One teaspoon garlic paste
First of all boil potatoes and then cut each of them into four pieces. Now, Mix them up well in a bowl with curd, onion and the garlic paste.
Then, put the oil in the pan, applying very mild flame, heat it for a moment then put few methi and let it be there until it gets turned into black color. Now you can add chili onto it and then turmeric. Make sure turmeric does not turn in to black, and cease fire.
Finally, put the pan’s stuff into the bowl then blend it well with a spoon so that it gets mixed up evenly. Now your lip-smacking typical Nepali pickle is ready to serve.