Most of the yogis try to convince people by giving example from science. By doing this they find them more authentic. And Bikashananda is not exception from it. 
When i arrived Kathmandu before 7 year one of my friend who is disciples of   him give example of mass energy relationship and try to convince me. His logic was the mass energy relation is not correctly understood by many scientists.The real meaning is when particle is thrown in velocity of light then it will emit infinite energy. I was very less familiar with theory of relativity but now i know little about it and can say Bikashananda is spreading wrong information to his disciples.
According to relativity theory particle increases mass with increase of velocity. And when particle approaches the velocity of light and more energy required to increases it's velocity. So at light speed the particle has infinite mass so infinite energy required to increase it's velocity which is practically impossible.
But main theme of mass energy (e=m*c*c) is mass and energy in not different but can be converted from one form to another form. So the energy described by Bikashananda is always with particle. only we need is to convert it.
If i am right then this is the description of relativity. What is your answer?