Living in Kathmandu is nothing more then committing suicide. It;s because the physical status of Kathmandu. There are few examples I'm going to explain.
Kathmandu is one of the most polluted city is the world and living here is nothing then to invite many diseases. Everything you find in kathmandu is not suitable for your health. The air you find here is too much polluted and it can cause many respiratory diseases. Water is another main harmful thing found is kathmandu. There are some river? that flow only rubbish. The water available for drinking purpose is also not suitable for drinking since it contains many chemical that is not standard according WHO. So living in kathmandu is only invitation for many diseases.   
Another major suicidal factor in kathmandu is earthquake. It is the most dangerous city  from the viewpoint of earthquake and in near future kathmandu will face one great earthquake. But the structure in kathmandu is not capable to resist such disaster. The house built here are so weak that will the major cause for disaster. At least 1 million people will die in that disaster. So it is also a factor for suicide.

There are also other factors that may cause a great disaster someday in kathmandu that can cause a great loss in this beautiful city. So if the concerned sector does not think soon then the catastrophe can not be avoided. Then living in kathmandu will be not other then committing suicide.