Some Dhyan gurus specially focus their deciples for "auto suggestion".
It is a method when people give self suggestion of positive matter
when they rich in sub-conscious level. It is very benificial to them
who are suffering from psychological problem. But I found that some
gurus (i don't want to refer their name) give a lot of importance to
this. They preach that if you want to become like someone then copy
him. Always give suggestion to your mind that you are him. Live like
him. Finally you will be like him and will be a successful person. I
was influenced by it. And I adviced my friends to do same. But I want
to regret here.
Recently I watched a movie which was based on a psychological problem.
In this movie one charecter is suffered from "dissociative identity
disorder" which is caused by continously thinking of someone else.
Then she lost her personal identity. Luckily she finds a doctor but it
is not avilable for all. That's why over auto suggestion can cause
psychological problem. Beware of it.